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highschoolmuscl's Journal

A High School Musical Roleplay
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The Game
Welcome to highschoolmuscl. We are a High School Musical RPG that takes place during our favorite Wildcats' Junior year of High School. Set at East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we'll follow them through the end of high school. Will Troy and Gabriella wind up together? Will Taylor and Chad's obvious hatred of all things the other stands for withstand the pressure? Or will they wind up skating down lover's lane hand in hand? Will Jason graduate with his friends? Kelsi write the next musical? Will the Evans twins make it big or fall flat on their faces? Join us to find out. While based on the High School Musical franchise, highschoolmuscl does not always follow the canon world we learned of in the movie. Come help us give the Wildcats the best high school experience possible!
The Specifics
highschoolmuscl is currently accepting some canon characters and male original characters. Please see our taken characters list to find out who is still available. If you have a character in mind and want to apply, please read the rules carefully, making certain you understand them, and then proceed to the audition post and fill out an application! As soon as the numbers between males and females even out, the mods will make the decision to reopen applications for female OCs. We are currently a small, but very active game and are trying to increase our numbers. This RP is entirely livejournal based, so you don't have to worry about a Twitter or AIM screenname. Still interested? Great! Hopefully you'll be joining us soon.
The Mods & OOC
This community is run by Maia ( fabisshar ) and Katie ( beautifulbookie ). If you still have questions regarding the game, please contact one of them via LJ Private Messaging or contact Katie on AIM at thewildcatkate or email Maia. Her email can be found in the Rules post. We welcome you to join us for a fun and exciting journey through high school at East. It's bound to be unique and exciting. Remember, though, that we are most definitely all in this together!
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